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What Is Group Therapy


This group is for therapists who are curious to understand their intersubjective impact on others and learn to identify what triggers them or soothes them in relationships. We wish to create a supportive community of therapists that learn & grow together. This group will allow each member to grow their skills and confidence in supporting clients with complex emotions and relationships.


This group is for adults who are looking to build stronger relationships, learn about their emotional world, and improve their communication skills. The group will give you the chance to develop self-awareness and practice new ways of relating and communicating with others inside and outside the group.


This group is for people in their late 20s to early 40s, who are looking for a meaningful connection with someone special but have been facing challenges and disappointments. This group will help you understand what might be preventing you from finding or committing to a serious relationship and allow you the opportunity to experiment with new ways of communicating and connecting with others.

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Group for Kids and Teens

There are no current offerings of groups for Kids and Teens.


Our office has moved to Forest Office Park, Building F as of May 2019. There is all-day parking surrounding the building. Our building is ADA accessible and has elevators. Childcare is available in downtown Bellevue at Adventure Kids Playcare; mention our name for a discount.    


 Note that email is not confidential. Clinical information is best communicated via phone; however, due to a surge in referrals, our response time on email is much faster.  

You may reach me at 

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