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Lilach Geppert-Shapira, MA


Family and Parent Coach

Lilach Geppert-Shapira is a family and parent coach. She has been working with parents and kids in groups and individually for the past 15 years, teaching evidence-based skills such as CBT, ACT, and EFT.

Group Therapy
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Lilach works with parents to develop a toolkit, empowering them to successfully overcome challenges as they arise. She specializes in helping parents of toddlers with topics such as: potty-training, sleep training, and helping parent understand tantrum-behavior and ways to cope and prevent them.


For parents of teens, common topics include, but are not limited to screen time managment, setting boundaries, sexuality, and gender identity.


Lilach also works to support parents regarding their own relationship struggles.

Lilach has a master’s degree in Psychology. She is a certified life coach, trained in Positive Discipline method and she is a Certified Gottman Seven Principles Leader.

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My approach is relational and holistic. 

My approach is relational and  holistic. Seeing the bigger picture is a necessary step in my approach toward developing an understanding of your needs. Out of that shared understanding we will be working together to find the tools that would work for your unique circumstances and needs. There is no "one fit all" solution. 

My approach is goal oriented. After an initial stage of defining goals and expectations, we would focus on developing the skills necessary to meet these goals.  The work continues outside of our meeting time. You will have opportunities to practice and implement these newly acquired tools in your day-to-day life. 

My Coaching and  guidance represents an integrative approach. It is informed by evidence-based methods:

CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a psycho-social intervention that aims to improve mental health. CBT focuses on making change and changing thoughts and behaviors, improving emotional regulation, and the development of personal coping strategies that target solving current problems.


ACT - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is a branch of clinical behavior analysis. It is an empirically based psychological intervention that uses acceptance and mindfulness strategies mixed in different ways with commitment and behavior-change strategies, to increase flexibility and find gentle solutions to stress and anxiety.


EFT - Emotionally Focused Therapy is applied when working with individuals, couples, and families. It includes elements of experiential therapy, systemic therapy, and attachment theory. EFT is based on the premise that emotions are key to identity. According to EFT, emotions are also a guide for individual choice and decision making. This type of therapy assumes that lacking emotional awareness or avoiding unpleasant emotions can cause harm. EFT is usually a short-term intervention.


I see clients of all ages.

I work with kids, teens and adult in addition to parent coaching and family coaching. ​When working with children, I use a combination of life coaching, CBT and ACT. We’re setting goals, and working toward achieving them, recognizing, and accepting feelings or thoughts, and learning how to deal with them.

I love working with parents on their goals as individuals, as a couple and as the family leaders, setting shared family values, boundaries and improving communication

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Parenting of toddlers:

Potty training

Coping with Tantrums

Emotional regulation

Sleep training

Developing health Routines

Parenting of Teens:

Understanding developmental needs. 

setting boundries

Screen time managment

Sexuality and Gender identity

Anger managment. 

Couples Coach:

​Working on problem solving

Improving communication

Building parenting vision


You may reach me at

Note that email is not confidential. Clinical information is best communicated via phone; however, due to a surge in referrals, our response time on email is much faster.  

Our office has moved to Forest Office Park, Building F as of May 2019. There is all-day parking surrounding the building. Our building is ADA accessible and has elevators. Childcare is available in downtown Bellevue at Adventure Kids Playcare; mention our name for a discount.    

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